Creating a Safer Environment for You,
a Tough Environment for Pathogens

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For most of Dallas/Fort Worth, the green light to reopen locations has begun or is about to begin. Yet owners and leaders have a lot to consider beyond where they put the keys to the door...

HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections) concerns are key thoughts in the minds of both the healthcare provider and the patients. Many clinics spend considerable time obtaining various cleaning products and keep staff on the schedule by spending time cleaning and recleaning rooms, tools and instruments throughout the day. Staff have a balancing act trying to keep the entire location clean while still being efficient throughout the day. Patients do not want to enter a location over concerns of infection. Because health and medical related issues cannot often be resolved in alternative locations, there are considerable consequences that can occur because a healthcare location is avoided.

Very few industries have weathered the shock of the pandemic. Current and prospective clients sometimes need to go beyond the video/telephone conferences and see a service professional in person. Many companies and organizations do not have dedicated staff to disinfect/clean their environments. The janitorial staff provided by a building may also not address concerns to ensure a safe environment. Many staff adjust by merely wearing basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment - masks, gloves, etc) but continuing on as is. Clients will have concerns such as if the desk and chair they have to visit is clean, if the bathrooms are clean.

Restaurants that have spaces for dining-in are starting to open and people go to restaurants to comfort themselves with food and socialize. Diners will have to remove masks to eat and drink. While some locations may space tables for social distancing, tables will often contain parties of various households/workplaces. Every space that is available to customers (dining, register, waiting room, restrooms) will see visits by almost every table.

All it takes is one.

With D/FW about to start the summer, everyone's had plenty of time to think and consider themselves in this COVID-19 world. People will believe and behave in a wide variety of ways concerning public health and personal hygiene. Add in the bustle of life as some people acclimate to life outside of home, adjusting their habits once again. Nevermind being forgetful or simply running out of time and being compelled to rush.

When it comes to contagious pathogens, all it takes is one person to begin a cycle. That is a risk we all have to weigh right now.

With that in mind, Analog Wind Design has looked to address the realities of opening your locations to the public while making the environment safer to you, your staff and your customers through proactive sanitizing.

Green Certified Sanitizing

First up is to go beyond most cleaners and sprays. Our disinfectant elminates a wide variety of pathogens and is included on the EPA's List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. And this process is very time efficient.

Application of Natural Biome

While there are plenty of services that can sanitize, for most locations a completely sterile environment is no longer desired. We prefer a stable and healthy microbial community which immediately occupy all space and prevent newly arriving pathogens from multiplying.

Leave Behind Treatment

Once we have properly treated your space, we leave cleaning solution that allows the location to maintain microbial management for as long as 30 days. Then the proactive sanitizing process restarts.

Traditionally, a space is only clean up to the point a person with a pathogen arrives. Now a space can greatly reduce that risk for up to a month.

No more trying to come up with awkward procedures and rules. Staff can focus on their assigned tasks at hand and not have to dedicate to juggling with disinfecting procedures. Less risk of infections towards staff and customers and the worry of having to close down for mitigation becomes less likely.


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